Adolf Huber

Adolf Huber was born on 12 April 1920.
I do not know when Adolf started his soldier career, but he was a Gefreiter in June 1941 and an Obergefreiter in December 1941. At those times he was in Infanterie-Regiment 339, from the 167 Infanter-Division. This Division had invaded France before and was now fighting in the Soviet union.

Between Mai 1942 and January 1943 the Division was located in Haarlem, The Netherlands, to get back on strenght. Adolf was now promoted to Unteroffizier. After this recovering time the Division was send straight back to the eastern front. After arrival they fought at Charkow and this is probably where Adolf Huber was wounded. After some local hospitals Adolf was send to Reserve-Lazarett Voigtslust in Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Germany, in the Harz mountains). Here he received his Vorläufiger Ausweis (Provisional ID) because he somehow had lost/damaged his Soldbuch.

He stayed for a few weeks at this Hospital. When he left he first received a Verwundetenabzeichen Schwarz (wound-badge), some money and various soaps. Then he got 2 weeks of recovering leave.

After his leave he went to his Ersatz unit (Grenadier-Ersatz-Bataillon 199).
Here he received a fieldpost letter from what looks to be a good friend of him, a Leutnant.
This Leutnant (Otto Eberlin) was, at that time, in the same Ersatz unit. Only the Leutnant was
in the 1.Kompanie and Adolf was in the 2.Genesende Kompanie.
The leutnant asked how Adolf was doing and hoped they could meet. The letter sounds very friendly.
In his Ersatz unit Adolf would have gotten a new (Zweitschrift) Soldbuch.

Unfortunately i have nothing from him after his Lazarett/ersatz unit visit.
So i do not know if Adolf Huber was in the Tscherkassy pocket, which was some months later.
I also do not know what happend to Adolf later on, or if he survived the war.
It could be that it is this Leutnant and Adolf that are on the pictures in this grouping.
But i am not sure, and probably will never know.