Adolf Meudt

Adolf Meudt was born on 21 July 1909 in the coastal city Wismar.
He got this Wehrmacht-führerschein in his training/replacement unit, Panzer-Grenadier-Ausbildungs-Bataillon 5. He was an Obergefreiter and 25 years old at that time. This training unit just came out of the battles of the Warschau uprising. If Adolf Meudt participated in those battles is unknown to me as i don´t know since when Adolf was in this unit. But there is a big chance he did participate in the Warschau battles. what i do know is that Adolf was in the 2. Kompanie, thats the Ausbildungs Kompanie für motorisiert Pionier Züge (trainings kompanie for a motorized engineer platoon in a Panzergrenadier unit).

The Wehrmacht-führerschein was issued on 20 Oktober 1944. It was issued for verbrennungsmachine klasse II, which is for normal and bigger trucks. On the same date, Adolf also completed a vehicle generator course, which got written on the back. There is no picture in this führerschein, which happend often later in the war. But normaly the commander would write something near the empty space for the photo with a security stamp to clarify that it has no picture but is still militairy legal. Strangely that hasn´t been done with this führerschein.