Michael Haslauer

Michael started his Luftschutz career good, he even got promoted to Truppführer, but all would change.
According to his son, Michael Haslauer went crazy after a bombingstrike on/near him.
After this attack he went mentally downstream and even got discharged from Luftschutz service.
Michael also started to write strange things in this Dienstbuch, which was not allowed!
These entry´s are very strange and mostly are as a protest against his military service.

On page 1 he crossed out "Zugleich Personalausweiss" and added "Kinderschuh ausweiss",
meaning child shoe identity card. Most likely to mock about the, in his eyes, childish German army.

Here on page 5 he added "Mistgabelgesette" as his father´s job, meaning Pitchfork-worker.

Here on page 6 at the medical examination part michael has written "War keiner JA! oder 3" meaning
that there was no one (to examinate him probably), he also wrote "Blöd und Spielzeug für böngerliche!"
Meaning: Dumb and toy for conservatives.

On page 29, which is the discharge page, an officer wrote as reason to discharge: "wegen bölligen ungeeignetheit" meaning: because of total unfitness. Michael added below that: and headache.

Below the docters´s medical approvement of the discharge Michael wrote: "So haben die herren schintluder getrieben mit bettelleute" meaning: So have the gentlemen stubborn decided with better knowing. After that he wrote in blue: "Inhause wurde herum gesoffen in privathauser"
Meaning: inside private homes there is constant excessively drinking.
Don´t forget that all those "private houses" are commandeered Dutch houses, families trown out!

Here on page 32 he horizontally wrote "Aber haupsache, ich habe Holland gesehen!" meaning: but main thing is, i have seen Holland!
Next to that, there is written that he got all his pay till his discharge, signed by the paymaster.

Below that michael wrote the following: Children-shoe-manners were executed on a 56 years old man which can not be described more mockingly. With each unit I breathed through artificial inhalation various virtues from home.

And below that he wrote: He who digs a hole for someone else, falls in it himself! but that is where you belong anyway. quicker as me! The text ends with him signing: The scapegoat, Haslauer M.
Below that he wrote "Kiekerken hat recht!" ; Kiekerken was right!