Robert Mahr

Robert Mahr was born on 24 August 1918 in Wien (Vienna).
This Wehrmacht-führerschein got issued in Robert´s training unit, Panzer-Ersatz-Abteilung 4. This unit was housed in a Kazerne in the south of Wien, in a place called Mödling. Robert was in the 4. Kompanie which was housed a little bit east from Mödling, in Laxenburg.

This Wehrmacht-führerschein was issued on 30 November 1939.
It was issued for verbrennungsmachine klasse II, which is for normal and bigger trucks. At the time this führerschein got issued, the training unit was only 2 month´s old. It could have been that Robert was with the unit from the start, but thats just guessing.

Unfortunately the photo has been removed, so i have no idea how Robert would have looked like.
On the front of this wehrmacht-führerschein someone wrote that this licence was usable till 22 augustus 1945. That was probably done right after the war due to shortages. That happends often with documents. Like Soldbücher being used as ID for example, those got used for quite some time after the war was over. This means that Robert Mahr survived the war.