British and US documents and items

Below you will see thumbernails to various British and US documents and items like the British AB64 paybooks. In each thumbernail is a short discripion (name, unit, time-frame, etc.) and a small photo.
Click on the small photo to open that specific document/item page (if available). These stories are based on the original items that are in my collection and via research on the internet and in books.

The medals displayed below are the medals won by the soldier during the war.
As information about the medals was not always recorded or available to me, its not complete.

  Name   Frank M.  
  Birthday   08-08-1925
  Function   Light Mortar Crewman
  Last rank   Private first class
  Unit   179th Infantry-Regiment (45th ID)
  Service time   1943-1946
  Status   Survived, died in 2008

  Name   Arthur Walter Ridout  
  Birthday   20-06-1915
  Function   Tank crewman
  Last rank   w/s Corporal
  Unit   Westminster Dragoons
  Service time   1942-1945
British AB64
  Status   Survived, died in 1995

  Name   Leonard Charles Hutchings  
  Birthday   07-04-1923
  Function   Vehicle Mechanic
  Last rank   Sergeant
  Unit   R.E.M.E.
  Service time   1943-1947
British AB64
  Status   Survived

  Name   Ronald Victor Sweeting  
  Birthday   24-06-1919
  Function   Driver
  Last rank   Corporal
  Unit   259 Field Company Royal Engineers
  Service time   1939-1946
British AB64
  Status   Survived

  Name   Richard Horner Waddington  
  Birthday   17-10-1916
  Function   6 Pdr. Gunner
  Last rank   Gunner
  Unit   Royal Artillerie (Field) - Terr.Army
  Service time   1941-1945
British AB64
  Status   Discharged 11 Sept. 1945