Matrose Steinweder

Matrose Steinweder got heavily wounded around february 1945 in a Marine-füsilier-Bataillon.
Steinweder got helped and given this verwundetenzettel by Stab-arts Dr. Noltoff from the
Panzergrenadier-Regiment of the Führer-Grenadier-Division.
There were only 3 Marine-Füsilier-Bataillons, made in 1945. And of those only one was near the
Führer-Grenadier-Division at the correct time, and that was Marine-Füsilier-Bataillon 1.

Steinweder got a "Glatter Durchschuss rechts" (plain shot through the right) and "Infanterie
Geschoss linke Ferse" (infantery bullet left heel). As this verwundetenzettel has 2 red bars,
Steinweder was not able to be transported. Steinweder´s fate is unkown to me.