Karl Wagner

Karl Wagner was probably born in Wien, Österreich (Vienna, Austria).
This because he was in the Austrian army before the "connection" to Nazi Germany in 1938.
And because of the fact that some photo´s are stamped with a photo shop in Wien.

The first (left) photo shows Karl in a Austrian army tunic, date unknown.
The second (right) photo shows him in a German Wehrmacht M36 uniform with Infanterie collar tabs.
He holds the rank of Gefreiter (private first class) and has the Sudentenland annexation medal.
Karl wrote "Kriegsjahr 1939" (war year 1939) and his name on the back.

The third (left) photo shows Karl in a M40 uniform, but he has become an Unteroffizier (sergeant).
His overseas cap shows that he´s still in the infanterie as it has a white stripe attached on the front.
The fourth (right) close-up photo shows that Karl wears the pre-war shoulderboards, which was populair.

The fifth and sixth photos show Karl with what is probably his girlfriend or wife.
On the sixth photo you can see that Karl lost/removed the bronze bar from his Sudentenland medal.
You can also see a whistle string in the middle of his tunic, which would indicate that he was a
Gruppenführer (Squad leader).

Unfortunately Karl Wagner died, as can be seen in the last picture.
I do not know yet when that happened, but i would guess 1941-1942.