Leopold Reibenwein

Obergefreiter Leopold Reibenwein got this sick label on 24-09-1944.
He most likely was in 14./Grenadier-Regiment 553, part of the 329 Infanterie-Division.
This because Leopold got his (on-leave) food cupon from Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon 39, which was the
replacements unit for Grenadier-Regiment 553. And because it looks like 553 is written on this label.

He got send to Sanitäts-Kompanie 329 in krankensammelplatz Ropazi on the same day, the 24th.
Ropazi is a town in Lettland near Riga. And Sanitäts-Kompanie 329 was part of 329 Infanterie-Division.

A few days after this, on 28 September, Grenadier-Regiment 553 got disbanded due to heavy losses.