Other document stories

Below you will see thumbernails to various misc. document and photo stories.
These stories are made with the original documents that are in my collection and via research on the internet and in books. In each thumbernail is a short discripion (name, unit, date, etc.) and a small photo. Click on a small photo to open that specific document(group)’s page.
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  Content:   Small KIA grouping
  Name   Egon Kuba
  Birthday   24-11-1920
  Unit   Sturm-Regiment Panzer-AOK 1
  Date   1944
  Comment   ...

  Content:   Small sick soldier grouping
  Name   Leopold Reibenwein
  Birthday   XX-XX-XXXX
  Unit   Grenadier Regiment 553
  Date   1944
  Comment   ...

  Content:   Wounded combat matrose 1945
  Name   Steinweder
  Birthday   XX-XX-XXXX
  Unit   Marine F├╝silier Bataillon 1
  Date   1945
  Comment   Helped by Führer-Grenadier-Division

  Content:   Small Wounded and sick grouping
  Name   Willi Zeh
  Birthday   11-01-1903
  Unit   1./Landesschützen-Bataillon 953
  Date   1944
  Comment   ...

  Content:   Small front-soldier grouping
  Name   Johannes Nagel
  Birthday   XX-XX-XXXX
  Unit   Grenadier-Regiment 257
  Date   1943 - 1945
  Comment   EKII, Sturmtage and Nahkampftage

  Content:   Small KIA photo grouping
  Name   Karl Wagner
  Birthday   Unknown
  Unit   Unknown, Infanterie
  Date   1939, 1940 - xxxx
  Comment   ...